"Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough..."

Whiskies at Middle Ruddings…

Whisky is something I have fortunately always had a taste for, allowing me the pleasure

of this wonderful drink for many years. Others, like Andy, who may not have enjoyed

it in their youth, come to whisky later in life as their palate matures. Either way there is

such a plethora of drams available, one can never tire of their delights.                                                                                                                                    Tom McMaster

Core Single Malts…

We have a varied range of whiskies in our collection, from each of the regions within

Scotland, designed to suit most tastes and highlight the spectrum of flavours that can

be found in a single malt.  The lists below are a guide to the ‘Core whiskies’ we sell here

at Middle Ruddings, their descriptions are purely Tom’s personal tastes and we love

to discuss the different flavours that can be tasted/smelt for different guests. 


Tom’s Selection…

Aside from our ‘Core Single Malts’ we also offer ‘Tom’s Selection’,  a range of single malts a little more special, limited or different from our usual range, chosen by myself, usually after a tedious amount of sampling!  Please head to the bar or speak to a member of staff if you would like to treat yourself.


Blended Whiskies…

We also have a range of blended whiskies if single malts aren’t to your taste.  Our range now includes a new addition from the Lakes Distillery at Bassenthwaite.  Their blended whisky takes a selection of British malts and blends them to make ‘The One’.  We hope to be able to soon stock their own single malt once the initial maturation process has been completed!

Single Malts…


Glenlivet- 12 YEAR OLD -£3.50
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Sherry, candy, clean, maltiness, spice, vanilla
Taste: Delicate, subtle peatiness, sweet, pear, vanilla
Finish: Long, mild, warming, vanilla, trace of peat

Overall: A clean, easy drinking, sweet, often under-rated whisky!


Cragganmore-12 YEAR OLD- £3.50
Colour: Gold
Nose: Rich, complex, flowery, grass, smoke

Taste: Clean, round, malty, well-balanced
Finish: Lingering malt, soft smoke,

Overall: A sweet and spicy dram with a touch of smoke!


Macallan- Gold - £3.75

Colour: Gold
Nose: Lemon, orange peel, boiled sweets, chocolate

Taste: Citrus, boiled sweets, ginger, cinnamon
Finish:  Medium, sweet, malty, slightly dry

Overall: A gentle and well balanced whisky…an all-day whisky!


Balvenie- 12 YEAR OLD - £3.25

Colour:  Straw Gold

Nose: Slivovitz, honey, ginger, vanilla

Taste:  Winter spice, sweet vanilla, sherry fruitiness, 

Finish: Bourbon Oak, toasted vanilla,

Overall: A well rounded whisky, with a delicious, warm depth of flavour


Knockando- 12 YEAR OLD-£3.50

Colour: Gold
Nose: Fragrant, almond, Manuka honey, sherry,

Taste:  Smooth, creamy, fruity, slightly smoky, heather, Jamaica ginger cake, sugar cane rum
Finish: Long, winter spice, coffee, ginger, cereal

Overall: A delicious whisky to enjoy on its own, any time!


Glenfiddich- 12 YEAR OLD-£3.00

Colour:  Gold
Nose: Grain, floral, honey, citrus, pear

Taste: Very smooth, floral, pine, hint of peat
Finish: Long and smooth, sweet, touch of oak, oily,

Overall: A stereotypical Speyside whisky



Dalwhinnie- 15 YEAR OLD- £3.75

Colour:  Pale Straw
Nose: Pear drops, floral, honey suckle, touch of smoke

Taste:  Honey, vanilla sponge cake, maltesers
Finish: Long, malty, bakewell tart,

Overall: A smooth and sweet whisky! Delicious!


Dalmore- 12 YEAR OLD- £3.50

Colour:  Deep Mahogany
Nose: Roasting coffee beans, butter, orange, Oloroso 

Taste: Marmalade, sherry, winter spices,
Finish: Lingering, oranges, Christmas spice

Overall: A rich and indulgent whisky


Edradour-10 YEAR OLD-£3.50

Colour:  Golden
Nose: Fruity, Oloroso sherry, vanilla, sugared almonds,

Taste:  Rum, toasted almonds, malty, smooth
Finish: Spiced fruit cake, custard, warming

Overall: A connoisseur’s delight!


Glenmorangie-10 YEAR OLD -£3.50

Colour:  Yellow Gold
Nose: Very fruity, spices, vanilla wood, floral.

Taste: Delicate honey, boiled sweets, creamy, tiramisu, toffee
Finish: Long, gentle, malty, fruity

Overall: A delicious whisky, perfect for enjoying anytime!


Oban- 14 YEAR OLD- £4.00

Colour:  Olive Gold
Nose: Rich, sweet, fruity, citrus, pears, sea-salt, peaty. 

Taste:  Dried figs, honey, spices, smoky, malt
Finish: Long, smooth, sweet, oak-wood

Overall: Three words. Full. Smooth. Devine!


Oban- 14 YEAR OLD- £4.00

Colour:  Olive Gold
Nose: Rich, sweet, fruity, citrus, pears, sea-salt, peaty. 

Taste:  Dried figs, honey, spices, smoky, malt
Finish: Long, smooth, sweet, oak-wood

Overall: Three words. Full. Smooth. Devine!



Ardbeg-10 YEAR OLD -£3.75

Colour: Light gold

Nose: Vanilla, peat, citrus fruits, sea spray, toffee

Palate: Sweet, vanilla, lemon, lime, smoke

Finish: Sea-salted caramel, bonfire smoke, coffee

Overall: A well balanced, big smoke, non-chill filtered whisky.  A peat lover’s delight!


Laphroig-10 Year Old -£3.75

Colour:  Gold
Nose: ‘Sea-weedy’, medicinal, liquorice,

Taste:  Sweet, salt, peat, big oak, cardamom, chilli, TCP
Finish: Lingering, dry, iodine,

Overall: The only whisky from the Laphroaig range recommended with water. A marmite whisky! 


Lagavulin-16 Year Old- £4.25

Colour:  Deep Amber
Nose: Peat smoke, iodine, seaweed, sherry, vanilla,

Taste:  Full, rich, dry, lots of peat smoke, sea salt, wood
Finish: Long, smooth, peaty, figs, sea salt,

Overall: My favourite big-hitting, peaty, dram...


Bowmore- 12 YEAR OLD- £4.00

Colour:  rich amber
Nose: Smoke, seaweed, orange zest and earl grey

Taste: Honey, vanilla, sweet smoke, rich peat
Finish: Smokey and long

Overall: Smokey fruity deliciousness!




Talisker 10 year old-£3.85

Colour:  Golden orange
Nose: Seaweed, hints of tangerine and sea spray

Taste:  light peat (not smoky) candy, iodine, heather
Finish: long, warming and citrusy with white pepper and orange peel undertones

Overall: Complex and evolving, well worth the effort!


Highland Park- 12 Year Old- £3.50

Colour: Amber
Nose: Fresh, heather-honey, citrus, cream, peaty smokiness

Taste:  Smokey, sweet, malty, jasmine, orange.
Finish: Heathery, pepper, spicy, wood

Overall: Sweet, spicy and warming


Jura- Origin- £3.50

Colour:  Light golden yellow
Nose: light and delicate with hints of honey and almond

Taste:  Gentle orange, spices and salt with a background of peat
Finish: slightly sweet and peaty

Overall: Gentle and enjoyable!


Jura- Superstition- £3.75

Colour:  Light gold
Nose: Malt, creamy, sweet, vanilla

Taste: Pepper, hot buttered toast, oily.
Finish: Medium length, cocoa and light spice to finish

Overall: Hints of smoke and lots of spice!



Auchentoshen-12 YEAR OLD   £3.75

Colour:  Gold honey
Nose: Crème brulee, citrus, almonds,

Taste:  Tangerine, lime
Finish: Drying, ginger, lingering nuttiness

Overall: Light and fruity!


Glenkinchie- 12 YEAR OLD      £3.75

Colour:  Pale gold                        

Nose:  Light, sweet, barley malt, flowers, honeyed cereal, vanilla

Taste: Medium-bodied, sweet, fruity, malt, butter, cheesecake

Finish: Long, drying,slightly herbal 

Overall: Cream, pepper and fruit


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